A green alternative: Grass paper packaging

Cardboard made from grass waste from compensation areas and nature reserves is particularly attractive. In addition to the sustainability benefits, grass cardboard scores tops marks in terms of cost efficiency, since the energy and water consumption in grass paper production is substantially reduced.

The grass cardboard fibres come from dried grass sourced from regional compensation areas or nature reserves. The very dry hay is pressed into pellets, which are then further processed by the paper or cardboard factory. There, the desired proportion of grass fibres is added to the recycled or virgin fibres during the production process. A grass content of up to 50% is currently possible!

Cardboard made of eco-friendly grass paper can be easily disposed of in the paper bin and added to the recycling loop. It is 100% recyclable. Grass cardboard packaging is compostable, since grass paper is a biodegradable natural product. Here, it is naturally important to ensure that organic inks are used for printing during manufacturing.

(Fonte: karlknauer, 15 de julho de 2022)