About ABRE


The  packaging  market in  Brasil  is  highly technological, combining sustainable, cost effective and innovative solutions. Access  the  packaging market  in  Brazil  via ABRE,  the  Brazilian Packaging  Association! We support you to reach Brazilian companies as: packaging materials and machinery producers, packaging and accessories, design offices and much more.

It acts as a hub in the packaging ecosystem, we create collaborative networks and we build a vision of the future to support the acceleration of the sector and the shared knowledge.

We walk with our associates for the sustainable development and for the valorization of the national packaging and the professionals of the sector.

It follows the movements of the new economy to stimulate competitiveness and we understand what is relevant in the world and in other industries to disseminate information.


Access to environments that provide opportunities for generating business.

Expand knowledge, have access to relevant information to support your conversations and presentations, as well as the company's strategic decisions.

To be part of the pool of companies included in the entity that officially represents the sector with Society, Government and Private Initiative.

Increase your network of relationships through access to players in the sector, all links in the productive chain of packaging and consumer goods.

Participation in ABRE groups, which is exclusive for members.

Exclusive access to data, information and insights we receive through our national and international connections.

Broaden your business's view of the new movements taking place in Brazil and in the world that impact our sector.

Promote your business through our communication tools.


We operate with a focus on the development of our associates along with their business dynamics. We are  connected with all the movements and new models that appear in Brazil and in the World that can impact  our sector, where we help our associates to extract the maximum opportunities and value for their  businesses.Our purpose is to develop, capitalize and build a continuous and mutually beneficial relationship  with our associates based on the transparency and ethics of the entity’s performance.



We act on the theme of sustainability from the strategic and tactical levels, where the actions are divided  into initiatives that enhance recycling in Brazil through environmental education, support to companies in  new projects aiming at circularity, the continuous elaboration of tools to direct the sector in its sustainable  development through the activities of the Sustainability Area, and the representation of the sector in  different spheres for the presentation of initiatives, construction of positive agendas, and dialogue with  society.


ABRE in its purpose of being the reference and connection to provide knowledge and build the packaging  ecosystem to accelerate sustainable development, the Education pillar is within its role.Taught by market  experts with extensive experience in the industry, ABRE Packaging Courses were structured as short-term  modules and aim to present to participants, through an updated approach, the main themes that involve  the universe of packaging, in a format dynamic and practical approach, where the methodology includes  the effective participation of students for problem solving, case studies and debates, which ensures the  best assimilation of the content.


Important tool for building knowledge on topics related to the packaging sector.Bridge for integration among  associates, where we bring in-depth discussions about the strategic segments of performance and development of  the entire production chain.Opportunity for member companies to connect with the main players in the sector and  get closer to customers and prospects, in addition to developing new partnerships.

Food and Bev


Domestic Cleaning

Pet Food and Pet Care

Health and Pharmaceuticals


Area that gathers market information and  assists associated companies in guiding the  legislation in force, related to the packaging  market, as well as assists those associated  with the collection of requested data, search  for suppliers.

Contact ABRE at abre@abre.org.br