Circular Economy


The Circular Economy was born from the thought that it can be more economically advantageous to reuse and recycle resources as many times as possible, than to extract virgin materials. It is a new business model where circularity and sustainability are an assumption of the products’ development.

How to apply it when it comes to packaging? A packaging does not exist by itself – it is an integral and necessary part of a specific product that is offered to society. Thus, its key is to analyze the products life-cycle and consider the 3 following fundamental pillars:

  • The function of packages to enhance products lifecycle
  • Packages sustainable development alongside its own lifecycle
  • Packaging revaluation possibilities to make its lifecycle circular

How is your product incorporating circularity? How can we go further?

Get to know a dynamic tool that helps you to evaluate sustainability along your product and its packaging lifecycle. The Infinite Game – a self-evaluation tool.

This is an opened platform for the packaging chain and fmcg industry.

This platform will allow you to share your analysis with other professionals and areas within your company. And last but not least, it will be possible to  upload cases to become public that will showcase you best practices.

We see the concept of circular economy as a packaging innovation catalyst as it stimulates scientific analysis of the current systems of production, transportation, marketing, communication, consumption, disposal and waste management, valuing indeed each product and the resources used for its production, and thus the role of packages in saving them; as well as the recognition of the reusable or recyclable post consume materials as an economic good and social value.