About the Infinite Game

The Infinite Game was created based on the article Packaging and Sustainability: Directives and Guidelines within the Context of Circular Economy, bringing together the different sustainability criteria presented in the document. The game format enhances the understanding that the criteria are interconnected, searching for continuous improvement in face of them, starting from those in which the product identifies greater impact.

The Infinite Game consists of a dynamic tool through which companies can do a thorough self-assessment to understand how each of its products and their respective packaging meet the different concepts of sustainability as well as its evolution over time. The tool offers the ability to print the game in report format for monitoring the results. The goal is not to compare different alternatives, but to provide general guidelines that should be followed for a better performance of the product-packaging system before the challenges of sustainability.

At the same time, the platform offers the possibility of sharing cases and best practices to exemplify how the market has been developing solutions for greater efficiency in each criterion.

Access to the content of each game is restricted by means of login and password. The cases and best practices, in turn, once approved for publication, are open to the public. In this version, only cases in the Portuguese language can be published.

ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association – disclaims any responsibility for the contents of any published case, and the legal responsibility for such shall be held by the applicant, who must respond for the accuracy, authenticity and ownership of the information.

When submitting your first application, please visit the ABOUT field for more information. And good luck with the game!

Please contact us if you have any question and / or suggestion! jogodoinfitino@abre.org.br or visit: www.abre.org.br

Please download the supporting article at https://goo.gl/hGBrEg