Unique dairy product in Brazil

Unique dairy product in BrazilThe Brazilian dairy company Shefa launched with exclusivity in Brazil the functional beverage Benecol, with proved benefits in reducing the absorption of cholesterol. The product is filled in 1 liter combifitMidi packages from SIG Combibloc (www.sigcombibloc.com.br). Totally new in the local market, the product already exists in more than 30 countries, in five continents. In South America it is commercialized in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and now Brazil.

Benecol is considered one of the 10 biggest inventions in nutrition in the last years and it is European Community and FDA approved. It is proved it can reduce the bad cholesterol in 10% if the person consumes the recommended amount per day – three portions of 200 ml each for 2 to 3 weeks; this associated to a healthy diet. It is estimated that 40% of Brazilian have a high level of cholesterol. The new product is filled in the CFA 812 line of SIG, with a capacity to produce until 12 thousand packs per hour.