New formats for carton package

New formats for carton packageTetra Pak (, ABRE’s member, launched in the local market the Tetra Brik® Aseptic 250 Base Crystal. With two front panels shaped as a crystal, the launch offers new possibilities of graphic design, reinforcing the image of the product in the point of purchase. The new format was first tested in China where researches showed the great visual appeal of the new aseptic carton due to design and functionality. It is also better to be stacked in storage houses.

Another launch in Brazil is the Tetra Top® Separable Top that allows consumers to separate the top of the package made of plastic, from the bottom that is made of paper, making it easier to recycle. The separation process is very easy and done by the touch of the thumb in the right place with no effect in the packaging functionality and safety. This package is recommended for refrigerated products and combines the convenience of the bottle with the modern aspect of carton package.