Less environmental impact

Less environmental impactL´Oreal Americas and Avery Dennison (www.averydennison.com.br) are working together to identify and reduce the environmental impact of labels in its life cycle. The collaboration resulted in a deep study based on Greenprint™, from Avery Dennison, a tool that analyses the life cycle, launched by the company in 2010.

When L´Oreal (www.loreal-paris.com.br) announced its strategy to face the future sustainability challenges during Sharing Beauty with All, the company committed with many sustainability targets, including the continuous improve of the environmental profile of its packaging and labels. According to the company, the Greenprint™ allows to visualize the impact of labels´ materials, since the extraction to production and end of life cycle. This approach makes possible to identify the big environment impacts and create strategies to minimize them. The method also helped in the decision of adopting, as a label material, the Global MDO that guarantees good reduction of greenhouse gas effects, water consumption and post consumption waste.