Children are target for beauty and hygiene industries

Children are target for beauty and hygiene industriesChildren are important consumers to the Brazilian cosmetics industries. This niche of market is increasing in the same proportion of the general market: 10% in 2013 compared to the previous year, reaching almost US$ 653 million of turnover. About 13% of the world consumption of hygiene and cosmetic products by children are in Brazil, country that occupies the 2nd place in the global market.

The reasons for this increase are basically the improvement in the power consumption of C and D classes and the dynamism of the category reflected in innovation and more variety and speed of launches. “Even with the children population stable, the consumption increases, as the families can offer more to less children”, explained Eduardo Amiralian, Executive Director of Phisalia in  ABRE’s event in March.

Surveys conducted by Phisalia since 1996 led the company to focus a 100% on the children’s market. The first success was the Tra Lá Lá line that, until today, monitors the behavior of two types of consumers – mothers and children– in constant evolution and change. During these years, many changes were made in the packaging and products. The latest change made this year resulted in more childish and modern packages to become more competitive.

From a macro economy perspective, a research presented by Claudia Oliveira, Account Executive of Nielsen, shows that consumers look for two types of packaging: big ones (60% of consumers interviewed), that reinforce the search for a better cost efficiency relation, and the smaller ones (40% of consumers interviewed), to spend less. “Cheap brands are also an option to save.” The Executive guarantees that children’s products do not follow the route of other sectors and are full of opportunities; high added value products sustain the increase in the category.

Children are target for beauty and hygiene industries