Brazilian Packaging Congress discusses competitiveness in the industry

On October 7th and 8th , 480 professionals joined the 16th edition of the Brazilian Packaging Congress, organized by ABRE, at Centro Fecomercio de Eventos, in São Paulo. In a way or another, the 19 speakers concluded that is it important to have a holistic and collaborative vision in the packaging industry to keep it a competitive sector in the whole production chain. This holistic vision should go through all the phases of the production process, focus on the final consumer and incentive an environment of constant innovation.

The speakers from different areas and major end users shared with the audience their expectations about packaging and the strategies they judge important to get consumers that are every day more connected with social media, are interested in the origin of the products, want more and give a lot of importance to quality. To understand this new age, the companies establish process oriented to consumers, supported by the design thinking concept, in co creation process and aware that sustainability must be a forever idea. Waste must be avoided and the increase of efficiency, reduction of environmental impact and simplification of process are conditions to competitiveness. Communication with consumers is done through various channels, and packaging is one of them.

Bellow some of the most important concepts given by the speakers:

  • There is a decrease in consumption that will continue in the next years, but there will be more participation of women in the market what will change its dynamics – Fernando De Holanda Barbosa Filho (IBRE- FGV).
  • It is necessary to search for intelligent materials to be more competitive – Thomas Schneider (WPO)
  • There is a lot of space to grow but it is necessary to pay attention to multi functionality of packaging – Thomas Reiner (Berndt+Partner GmbH).
  • It is necessary to project packaging without excluding people – Marco Bernasconi (Nestlé).
  • The main bets in innovation consider as trends: health and well-being, increase of medium class and the profile of new generations, applied to the brand – Fernando Erne (BRF).
  • Sustainability as a competitiveness tool through eco efficient packaging – Cristiane Lourenço (Unilever).
  • It is necessary to pay attention to design thinking in the development of better packaging and in the operation – Jonathan Dien (Gravitytank) e Jason Boon (Kimberly-Clark).
  • Multi channels demand different packaging solutions, especially to e -commerce – André Svartman (GPA).
  • Innovation in the beverage sector is linked not only with packaging, but also with the filling system that operate in high speeds – Alexandre Sanchez (Brasil Kirin).
  • It is important the sustainable profitability and the valorization of packaging functionality as a benefit of consumption – Sergio Perelman (Mondelēz).
  • Innovate in an accelerating rhythm is mandatory to some companies, besides the co creation with suppliers, designers and consumers. – Camille Kaufmann (Reckitt Benckiser).
  • There are a number of opportunities to improve logistics and distribution – Camila Sotrel (Avon).
  • When well used, design thinking transforms the brand strategy and help to find more “yes” where there were only “no” – Seth Starner (NewNorth for Innovation)