RPC provides squeezy PET bottles for Encona sauces

RPC provides squeezy PET bottles for Encona saucesThe new bottle is part of a refreshment of the packaging to help the brand stay competitive.

Slightly taller and narrower than its predecessor, it holds the same volume as before but is more visible on shelf thanks to a greater label surface.

Sam Bidgood, brand manager at parent company Grace Foods, said squeezy bottles are ideal for a clean way to dispense sauces.

“Plastic bottles are easy to use so they are perfect for sauces that consumers enjoy more frequently than others.”

Grace Foods sells its products in both glass and plastic packaging.

The success of the Encona range began more than 40 years ago in a now iconic square glass bottle with the Encona brand embossed on the side.

RPC ensured this particular brand asset was effectively reproduced on the squeezy bottle as well.

“Retailers have given us really positive feedback to our new customised squeezy bottle,” he explains. “We offer both glass and plastic bottles for our products to cater for as many customers as possible. Plastic continues to grow in popularity,” added Bidgood.

He also pointed out that plastic packaging means cost savings, as there are fewer breakages and reduced transportation costs due to lower weight, and a change in the pallet configuration means that the storage space can be used more efficiently.

(Fonte:  Packaging News, 28 de junho de 2016)