Kooee! Snacks invents a two-in-one pouch to deliver freshness

Kooee! Snacks invents a two-in-one pouch to deliver freshnessDual-compartment pouch permits two types of all-natural ingredients to stay separate and fresh until it seamlessly becomes a single-compartment pouch at the point of use. The secret is…

KOOEE! Snacks’ unique name is matched by unique packaging. The name originates from a call made by Indigenous Australians to shout across vast distances, but, according to the pouch copy printed along the side header, these days it serves as “An Australian call made in the outdoors expressing the freedom and exhilaration that nature brings.”

“We wanted to capture that raw energy in our brand,” adds ceo/cofounder Shaun Malligan, who explains that the patent-pending pouch packaging’s dual-compartment uniqueness arose out of necessity.

“The ingredients are separated because they have different inherent water-activity values (i.e., moisture),” he says. “If stored in the same pouch, the water from the high-water-activity ingredients—the jerky—will in time flow to the low-water-activity ingredients, the nuts, until they are in equilibrium.

“This will result in dry jerky and soft nuts. However, we didn’t want to create simply two separate pouches, as that defies the point of having the product as a ‘Jerky Trail Mix,’ and is a less satisfying consumer experience. What we came up with solves both problems in the most seamless way.”

(Fonte: Packaging Digest, 13 de outubro de 2015)