Indianapolis Fruit Co. redesigns packaging

Indianapolis Fruit Co. redesigns packagingIndianapolis Fruit Co. has redesigned labels and packaging for its Garden Best and Garden Organic lines.

The new color scheme allows consumers to differentiate conventional and organic items by using purple-highlighted packaging and labels for conventional fresh-pack items and orange-highlighted packaging for organic products, according to a news release.

“We looked at several design, label and packaging options as part of our recent strategic planning efforts,” Greg Corsaro, president of Indianapolis Fruit Co., said in the release. “The new colors are attractive and serve as a natural enhancement to our distinctive leaf design.”

In addition to the new colors, the company has made packaging improvements designed to keep produce fresher longer, Antonia Mascari, assistant director of marketing for Indianapolis Fruit, said in the release.

(Fonte: The Packer, 04 de abril de 2016)