Bicycles packaging suitable for air transport

Bicycles packaging suitable for air transportThe Kolobox case is an ideal solution for transporting bicycles on planes. The outer casing is made of waterproof solid cardboard. Inside the casing, there is an insert with straps made of a unique, puncture-proof foil. This is used to quickly, easily and safely fixate the bicycle to the insert. It also prevents spontaneous movement of the bicycle in the box. The bottom and the lid are fixed to the casing through plastic clips that also serve as carrying handles. The consumer needs to assemble the box into its final form. The empty case can then be used for the front wheel.  Kolobox is supplied in compressed form: Transportation packaging in which the coat film insert and clips. The consumer packaging itself folds into its final form.Transportation packaging blank serves as both the front wheel.

(Fonte: Packaging Connections, 30 de maio de 2016)