Brazilian packaging production increased in 2013

Brazilian packaging production increased in 2013 Packaging production in Brazil increased 1.41% in 2013 compared to the previous year, surpassing the increase registered in the industry in general – 1.14%. The turnover of the sector was also higher than 2012: US$ 21.6 billion against almost US$ 20 billion. The information was presented by the economist of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), Salomão Quadros, and it is part of an exclusive research con... Read more

ABRE launches Sector’s Year Book 2014

ABRE launches Sector’s Year Book 2014 In the end of February, ABRE launched the Official Guide of the sector – ABRE Packaging Guide – that brings a complete list of all members, divided by sector, as well as information on the industry and on the Association. The intention is to be a reference to the market during 2014; it is Portuguese/English. More information contact ... Read more

New use for flow pack

New use for flow pack The Brazilian company Tramontina introduced a new use for the traditional flow pack packaging: to display plastic bundles in the POP. The bundles, offered in different colors, are indicated to organize electric wires and cables in houses, cars and industrial locations; the packages come with 30 units each. ... Read more

Reduction of emissions

Reduction of emissions ABRE’s member Klabin ( announced the reduction of 61% of CO2 emissions in its units from 2004 to 2012. The company also reduced the consumption of oil in the last five years: about 57 thousand tons per year that means almost less 171 thousand tons of CO2/year in the atmosphere. In terms of reduction of water consumption, one of the best numbers is in the plant of Otacílio Cost... Read more

Business with Arab countries I – juice

Some Brazilian fruit juice producers, like Cave Antiga, from state of Rio Grande do Sul, are focusing their exports to Arab countries. The company negotiated with a company in Abu Dhabi, though the Sultan Center, a distributor from Kuwait, and it is exporting first 130 boxes of grape juice. Most of these businesses are being incentive by the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, as part of a Buying ... Read more

Business with Arab countries II – chicken

Business with Arab countries II – chicken Another Brazilian product that is being a success among Arab countries is chicken. In 2013 the Brazilian exports of the product was a record in value and volume. The total sales were US$ 3.2 billion, 12% more than in 2012. The increase in the value of the products was 3%. The 22 nations of the Arab League consume 40% of the total exports of the Brazilian chicken to the world. The biggest commer... Read more

Save energy in pasteurization

Save energy in pasteurization Tetra Pak (, a member of ABRE, launched a pasteurization process for juices that saves until 20% of energy, reducing costs and offering more environmental benefits to industries. The new process, recommended to high acid juices, is more efficient for reducing the temperature in the second phase of the pasteurization process from 95°C to 80°C, with compromising the quality of th... Read more

PLA cups

PLA cups The first PLA (polylactic acid) discard cup is being produced in Brazil by Minaplast, located in the state of Santa Catarina. Called Green, the new item is produced with this special resin made from corn and that decompose in 90 to 120 days. In the first six months of 2014, the company intends to produce 10 million cups with capacity of 200 ml and 300 ml. The raw material is imported from Ingeo, f... Read more

New resalable material

New resalable material Avery Dennison (, an ABRE’s member, developed a new generation of high performance adhesives to be used in resalable packaging especially of personal care and house cleaning products. The R1490M adhesive is very resistant top humidity and solvents, guarantying more than 60 cycles of opening/closing. The balance between cost and performance is another positive point to these m... Read more

Good numbers in 2013

Good numbers in 2013 The member of ABRE, Congraf ( announced an increase in sales of 5% in 2013. The company decided to focus more on printing packaging and now it can create and generate structural and design solutions. Also in 2013 Congraf received the recertification of ISO 9001 – 2008 and the FSC stamp. The company invested in a new equipment that is able to produce special printings used in ... Read more

Contributing with new professionals

Contributing with new professionals The Projeto Novos Horizontes (New Horizons Project), from Artecola (, a member of ABRE, formed the 15th group of students from 16 to 18 years old that had the chance of participating in a professionalizing course in Administration Services. The project is part of a bigger initiative called Projeto Pescar (Fishing Project) made in partnership with Fundação Francisco Xavie... Read more

ABRE supports SAVE FOOD project

ABRE supports SAVE FOOD project In the end of 2013, the President of ABRE, Maurício Groke, and the Executive Director, Luciana Pellegrino, were part of a meeting in Rome (Italy) to seal the participation of ABRE in the SAVE FOOD, a project lead by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations that aims to fight against the world hunger through avoiding food wastage. The central idea of the project is to collect food... Read more

The impact of environment aware of consumers

The impact of environment aware of consumers Based in researches, the member of ABRE, C-Pack ( concluded that “Brazilian consumers are more worried about environment and do not mind in paying more for products made by sustainable companies”. A research made by SB Rio in 2012 says that 65% of consumers feel responsible for buying products that are good for the environment. From this total, 60% don’t mind in paying more for t... Read more

Increase in production capacity

Increase in production capacity ABRE’s member, Terphane (, announced the expansion of its capacity of production of bioriented polyester films (BOPET) that will go from 40,000 to 70,000 tones/year. The metallization capacity will double too going from 5,000 to 10,000 tones/year, due to a new equipment with very updated technology. The new line will be in operation in the first three months of 2014 and will re... Read more

Tetra Pak I – International certification of functionality

Tetra Pak I – International certification of functionality Other five packaging from Tetra Pak (, member of ABRE, received the certification of SRA (Swedish Association of Rheumatism), for its easy use. With this, the company has a total of 10 packaging approved by the entity since 2007. SRA is a well known institution in the packaging industry that evaluates the functionality of products. Besides using protocols and tests recognized w... Read more

Tetra Pak II – Eco Award 2013

Tetra Pak II – Eco Award 2013 Tetra Pak was also the winner of Prêmio Eco 2013, promoted by American Chamber of Commerce in Brazil (Amcham). The company received the award in the category ELIS (Strategy, Leadership and Innovation in Sustainability). Besides the company, the jury composed by 55 specialists awarded, in December 2013, other eight companies that have already incorporated sustainability concepts in their management... Read more

Partnership results in new packaging

Partnership results in new packaging DuPont ( and C-Pack (, both members of ABRE, launched a flexible plastic tube (squeezable) with high transparency, resistance to chemicals and gas barrier due to the use of Surlyn resin. The resin is already used in the production of flexible packaging and caps, especially for the cosmetic industry. The new packaging is a multilayer that combines Surlyn and EVOH; w... Read more

Genuine Brazilian products

Genuine Brazilian products The member of ABRE, Embaquim ( is supplying plastic bags for two important 100% Brazilian industries: coconut water and açaí. In the case of coconut water, the 1,000 liters bags are used by seven companies in the North and Northwest to transport the products to the South and Southwest markets. After arriving in the final destination, the product is portioned and packed in retai... Read more

Brazilians must believe in Brazil

Brazilians must believe in Brazil Besides immediate changes in the fiscal area, what Brazil needs more is to be confident according to Octavio de Barros, Director of Researches and Economical Studies of Bradesco Bank, present in the final event of ABRE of 2013. For him, the adjustments forecasted to 2015 will happen in 2014. He also indicates that the country needs feasible budgets and to get away from Mercosul. According to the e... Read more

ABRE Brazilian Packaging Congress 2014

ABRE Brazilian Packaging Congress 2014 The theme of the 16th Brazilian Packaging Congress, organized by ABRE and scheduled for October 07 and 08, is “Strengthen the competition in the production chain of packaging and products”. There are confirmed, as speakers, Arno Melchior (Reckitt Benckiser) and Marco Bernasconi (Nestlé). More information: Read more

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