Packaging design in retail event

Packaging design in retail event The member of ABRE, OBAH ( will be the first design office to participate in the Superminas (October 21-23 – Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais), that is considered the second biggest food retail trade show in the country; it is organized by Minas Gerais Association of Supermarkets (AMIS). The event aims to join service providers, suppliers and businessman to promote business and ... Read more

Thermoformed trays

Thermoformed trays The member of ABRE, Baumgarten Gráfica ( increased its packaging portfolio with thermoformed trays, result of high technology and different structural design. The new packaging can support strong variations of temperature, keeping the natural features of the food. It is presented in two versions. The first one comes covered with a material that guarantees the integrity of the... Read more

Recognition to aseptic carton packaging

Recognition to aseptic carton packaging The packaging of the juice line Del Valle Reserva Açaí + Banana received the ABRE Award of Brazilian Packaging in the category Technology of Materials and Conversion – Beverage. The awarded package is the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 1000, produced by Tetra Pak (, a member of ABRE. The package is produced with layers of a polymer based on sugar cane. Del Valle uses about 78% of packag... Read more

Contribution to reduce food waste

Contribution to reduce food waste In order to contribute with the development of products and debate alternatives to reduce food waste, ABRRE’s member Termotécnica ( is now part of Save Food project, an initiative of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization), a branch of UN. The company will participate through its production line of thermal trays produced from EPS that contribute to reduce the food waste in ... Read more

Packaging for coffee

Packaging for coffee Klabin (, member of ABRE, introduced a new packaging solution for the coffee industry during the 9th Space Coffee Brazil – International Coffee Trade Show (September 15-18, Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais). The package, for coffee grains, is produced with high resistance paper, printed in eight colors and has capacity to 30 kilos. The sealing is hermetic and efficient and the bags ... Read more

Label solution for tires

Label solution for tires Avery Dennison, (, an ABRE’s member, launched a new portfolio of materials for labeling tires and it was named winner of the Innovation Award for companies with over 300 employees at the Label Industry Global Awards. The award recognizes the new portfolio’s ability to boost brand image, ensure tracking ability and adhere more securely. First in the portfolio is the Poin... Read more

Among the 500 biggest companies

Among the 500 biggest companies Artecola (, a member of ABRE, was listed as one of the 500 biggest companies in the South of Brazil due to its investments in expansion, innovation and development of new products. The company appears in position 161. The study considers the official reports of companies in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul; the region has a very positive perfor... Read more

Prediction for Brazilian packaging industry in 2014

Prediction for Brazilian packaging industry in 2014 The decrease in production, due to the decrease in demand, should not affect the turnover of Brazilian packaging industry in 2014. The sector should end the year with sales around US$ 25 billion against about US$ 23 billion registered in 2013. The result was concluded in the Packaging Macroeconomic Study ABRE/FGV and presented by the economist Salomão Quadros. The sector’s production decreased ... Read more

ABRE Congress discuss competitiveness in the packaging and consumer goods industries

ABRE Congress discuss competitiveness in the packaging and consumer goods industries Competitiveness on packaging will be the central issue of the 16th Brazilian Packaging Congress, organized by ABRE every two years and scheduled to October 7 and 8. One of the most informative presentations will be delivered by Thomas Reiner, partner at Berndt + Partner GmbH, a Germany consultant company. He is also Chairman of the German Packaging Institute, a WPO member. He is a specialist on th... Read more

New logistics center

New logistics center The member of ABRE, Coim Brasil (, launched a logistics center developed for storage and organizing final products in Vinhedo, countryside of São Paulo State. For 2016 the company plans to invest in a new reactor for the production of elastomers and another to produce adhesive for flexible packaging. The new logistics center’s capacity is for 1,710 pallets in the non-inflam... Read more

President of ABPO

President of ABPO The new President of ABPO (Brazilian Paperboard Association) (, a member of ABRE, for 2014/2016, is also the Director of Legal Corporate Issues and Government Relation of MWV  (, another member of ABRE. Rodrigo Panico was the Vice President of the Association; in his career he had experience in companies like Grupo Abril, Brasil Telecom, Contax, Unisys, Grupo Bertin ... Read more

Box for banana

Box for banana Member of ABRE, Klabin ( introduced in the 4th edition of Feibanana, a cardboard box specific for bananas. The development of the new packages was based in tests accomplished with producers and distributors of the fruit. The model has four corners in cardboard that increases a lot the capacity of making a pile with the boxes. The new boxes also received a special treatment in the... Read more

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report Gráfica Baumgarten (, member of ABRE, launched its 3rd Sustainability Report that brings as main information the prediction of 25% increase annually in the next years and the advance in the internationalization process, started with the acquisition of companies in Mexico and Argentina. The company considers sustainability as a strategic objective which main benefit is to offe... Read more

Enhancing the competitiveness in the fmcg and packaging chain

Enhancing the competitiveness in the fmcg and packaging chain This will be the central issue of the 14th Brazilian Packaging Congress, organized by ABRE every two years and scheduled to October 7 and 8. Among the keynote speakers are Thomas Reiner, partner at Berndt + Partner GmbH, a Germany consultant company. In his presentation he will give give a strategic vision about the drivers of competitiveness in the packaging industry. He will also evaluate the st... Read more

New adhesive line for food

New adhesive line for food The member of ABRE, Henkel ( is presenting in the Brazilian market the water based adhesive line Aquence Low Migration with low migration and ideal for food packaging. It is total free of plasticizers and contributes to companies to achieve the requirements of food safety legislations. The use of the new line is easy and clean, and the adhesion is similar or superior to the tradi... Read more

Increase in paperboard

Increase in paperboard Klabin ( announced its 12th consecutive period of increase. In the last three months of the first semester of 2014, the company increased 9% compared to the same period in 2013; the liquid income was also 5% superior. The total income in the first semester was almost US$ 1.1 million. During this time, the company also invested almost US$ 284 million: US$ 37 million in plants oper... Read more

3D effects

3D effects This is the new resource that Baumgarten Gráfica ( is offering to the users of label in Brazil. The new technology is aligned with the company’s mission and strategy of offering innovation for labels and packages. The two additions to the company’s portfolio are: 3D film “Fresnel Lenses” and “3D effect multilayer depth”. The first guarantees a tridimensional effect that simul... Read more

Launch in Brazil

Launch in Brazil DuPont ( introduced to the local market the new flexo printing plate DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST DFUV, specially developed to achieve better results with UV inks. The plate is also different due to the better density of inks in solid areas, reduction of waste, time reduction and better cost in applications that use noble materials like pressure sensitive labels, self-adhesive labels and ... Read more

Innovation in package for lamps

Innovation in package for lamps The new Twist T2 lamps, produced by multinational Osram, achieve the Brazilian market with smaller and more informative packages. The width is 33% smaller than the traditional models and the information helps consumer to buy what is best for their use. There are 5 different packages in total, specific for the lamp models 8W, 12W, 15W, 20W and 23W. Each package also brings the saving offered by the... Read more

Package redesign for cheese

Package redesign for cheese Vigor Alimentos, a Brazilian dairy food company, renewed the packages for the traditional cheese line Faixa Azul. The project, created by the agency Oficina Design UP!, included six products and had the objective of translating the values and tradition of Vigor brand as homemade product, premium, superior, history and expertise. The new packages have a modern and attractive visual and were deve... Read more

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