Turnover of the industry is positive in 2014

Turnover of the industry is positive in 2014 Brazilian packaging industry was a winner in 2014. According to the research conducted by Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), exclusively to ABRE, the sector produced the equivalent to US$ 19.13 billion (R$ 55.1 billion), beside a decrease of 1.47% in the volume compared to 2013. “This fall is not so important when compared to the fall registered in the Brazilian industry in general in the same year: 3... Read more

Best result ever

The Brazilian cardboard company, Klabin (www.klabin.com.br) ended 2014 with the best result in its history: the EBITDA achieved US$ 607 million (R$ 1.7 billion) – 10% more than in 2013 and the liquid income was US$ 1.74 billion (R$ 4.894 billion) – increase of 6% compared to the previous year. Since 2013 the company is investing in increasing its production capacity; the target is to achieve 2 mil... Read more

Globally approved

Globally approved Tetra Pak (www.tetrapak.com.br) is able to supply packaging with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) label anywhere in the world. The company received the custody chain certification FSC (CoC) to all its converting plants and markets where it is present. This is one of the biggest FSC certifications, covering 92 installations.... Read more

Less environmental impact

Less environmental impact L´Oreal Americas and Avery Dennison (www.averydennison.com.br) are working together to identify and reduce the environmental impact of labels in its life cycle. The collaboration resulted in a deep study based on Greenprint™, from Avery Dennison, a tool that analyses the life cycle, launched by the company in 2010. When L´Oreal (www.loreal-paris.com.br) announced its strategy to face the future... Read more

Sales bags as a strategic communication tool

Sales bags as a strategic communication tool The beginning of the year comes with a lot of sales and promotions in the stores. Most brands bet in the bags to communicate the sales. With this opportunity, Antilhas (www.antilhas.com.br) offers the market bags that help in the promotion but also have a reasonable cost, aligned to the need to reduce expenses. An example of this strategy is the bags produced to O Boticário to its special promotio... Read more

New concept for cosmetics

New concept for cosmetics Due to a partnership between C-Pack (www.c-pack.com.br) and Aptar (www.aptar.com) the cosmetics industries count with a new premium packaging option: cap and tube with the snap-on concept. The cap is an oval flip top with 35 millimeters. The purpose is to offer more options to the traditional customers of the sector like Avon, Johnson & Johnson, O Boticário, L’Oréal, Nivea, Unilever, Medley, A... Read more

More sales in 2015

More sales in 2015 According to data from Abigraf (Brazilian Printing Industries Association), packaging sector is already responsible for about 40% of sales in the Brazilian printing industry. Ibema (www.ibema.com.br) as the third largest cardboard producer in Brazil and one of the main suppliers for the printing market, is optimistic in the projection for 2015 and predicts an increase of 8% in its liquid turnover,... Read more

Donation to help Africa

Donation to help Africa MeadWestvaco (www.mwv.com.br) received a donation to supply its Medication Event Monitoring System (MEMS™) to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The system is being used in new projects to demonstrate PrEP medicines to help and prevent the expansion of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa and India. The four studies were published in October 2014. The medicines are administrated to people with high ris... Read more

Unique dairy product in Brazil

Unique dairy product in Brazil The Brazilian dairy company Shefa launched with exclusivity in Brazil the functional beverage Benecol, with proved benefits in reducing the absorption of cholesterol. The product is filled in 1 liter combifitMidi packages from SIG Combibloc (www.sigcombibloc.com.br). Totally new in the local market, the product already exists in more than 30 countries, in five continents. In South America it is co... Read more

Recognition of creativity

Recognition of creativity The packaging design agency Packaging Brands (www.packagingbrands.com.br) was elected, for the third time, in the Colunistas Rio Awards and won the Great Design Award with the case Empório Jardim. The company also won Silver award in other four cases: CBF – Nova Granja Comary, Zona Sul – Panetto Esperienza, Vitalatte Spettacolo and Superbotão Supergasbras. The Bronze award was for the case Zona Su... Read more

Brazilian Packaging Congress discusses competitiveness in the industry

Brazilian Packaging Congress discusses competitiveness in the industry On October 7th and 8th , 480 professionals joined the 16th edition of the Brazilian Packaging Congress, organized by ABRE, at Centro Fecomercio de Eventos, in São Paulo. In a way or another, the 19 speakers concluded that is it important to have a holistic and collaborative vision in the packaging industry to keep it a competitive sector in the whole production chain. This holistic vision should g... Read more

Absorbers increase the shelf life of food and beverages products

Absorbers increase the shelf life of food and beverages products Multisorb (www.multisorb.com), a member of ABRE, offers to the Brazilian market three options of absorber’s solutions: Drop-In, Fit-In or Built-In (desiccants, oxygen absorbers and other absorbers). These items keep the freshness of products, increase their shelf life and keep the color, flavor, texture, aroma and nutritional value of food and beverages, specially meats, breads, fruit pure, organ... Read more

PH FIT adopted strategies focused on sustainability

PH FIT adopted strategies focused on sustainability With the proposal of achieving the targets of reducing the consumption of electricity and raw materials, created by its Sustainability Committee, ABRE’s member PH FIT (www.phfit.com.br) adopted strategies focused on the sustainability of the company and its employees. One of them, related to the consumption of electricity, resulted in a 9.5% reduction, generating an economy of 161,670 kw in averag... Read more

Gravure award announces the winners of 2014 edition

Gravure award announces the winners of 2014 edition It is available in Ibema’s webpage (www.ibema.com.br or www.premioibemagravura.com.br), member of ABRE, a list with the 20 winners of the 4th edition of the Ibema Gravure Award. The gravure “Rinocerontes” (Rhinos), from the artist Amanda Godoi Barros, was elected for the 1st place by a selected judging team that judged 88 entries.... Read more

Increase in paper packages

Increase in paper packages Member of ABRE, Antilhas (www.antilhas.com.br) is celebrating the increase of paper bags and packages. In the last few years, the company invested in new projects to expand the offer of packaging solutions in the industrial sector, acquiring new machines and new finishing options to cardboard and paper.... Read more

New plant for bag-in-box

New plant for bag-in-box Embaquim (www.embaquim.com.br), member of ABRE, is requesting its clients to anticipate the orders of December/January/February. The reason is to avoid any supplying problems during the change of building. Embaquim is leaving the actual factory, occupied by the last 20 years in Vila Carioca (Ipiranga), São Paulo, and going to a new area of 8.000 square meters, located in São Bernardo do Campo (Gra... Read more

Artecola inaugurates modern laminated factory

Artecola inaugurates modern laminated factory With an investment of US$ 4 million, ABRE’s member Artecola Química (www.artecolaquimica.com.br) inaugurated the most modern factory for laminated material in Mexico. All production will be based in the concept of Ecofibra, produced from a mixture of polymers with natural fibers. The material improves the environment impact, eliminating waste and reusing 100% of the production scrap.... Read more

30 years of history

30 years of history ABRE congratulates its member, Colacril (www.colacril.com.br), for its 30th anniversary. The company is positioned as one of the biggest in self-adhesive materials in Latin America, supplying the main domestic markets and exporting to South America. Colacril is part of the group CCRR Participações that includes RR Etiquetas (self-adhesive labels), Identify Brasil (RFID systems) and CCRR Bobinas... Read more

Sig Combibloc launches book and play in partnership with Cooperativa Piá

Sig Combibloc launches book and play in partnership with Cooperativa Piá SIG Combibloc (www.sigcombibloc.com.br), a member of ABRE, launched a book and a play focused in environmental education in partnership with Cooperativa Piá. The pieces are a continuation of the projected that began in 2013, in which the children’s play was specially created by the Group Espaço da Arte to tell the story of aseptic carton packages from production to disposal and recycling. The laun... Read more

Best packaging in Brazil

Best packaging in Brazil The Ceremony of the 14th edition of ABRE Award of Brazilian Packaging joined more than 400 professionals in São Paulo. Altogether, there were 85 winners: 81 packages; one company; two professionals and one student project. As emphasized Gisela Schulzinger, ABRE’s President, the comprehensiveness of the Award is aligned with the proposal to recognize companies, designers and industry’s professio... Read more

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