Adezan - Logística & Embalagens

AddressRua João Moreira Salles, 835 - Jardim Monte Belo
CitySão Paulo
ProductEmbalagens Industriais de Madeira e Logística
Adezan offers a large variety of industrial packaging, even for highly complex special projects. We have a vast expertise and a team of engineers focussed into developing products that meets the each customers necessity.With a specialized work force and high technology applied, the packaging have as main raw material, wood coming from reforesting projects originated for this purpose. OSB, plywood, metal profiles, paper profiles, corrugated cardboard, plastic materials, etc. Can be applied on our products to make the best packaging focussing in a strongest performance, with the lower cost possible; This is our motivation, making the best packaging while seeking for cost reductions and better handing. We manufacture packagings for exportation and internal markets like, boxes, crates, pallets, special pallets, returnable packagings, demountable boxes, metal racks, packaging for transporting and stocking sheet glass. These are our specialty, and we already make packaging to fulfill the automobile market, food market, textile market and construction/building market. We also offer, in company services focussing on customers packing lines, dispatch area, receiving area, quality inspection, counting inspection, and many others for the logistical segment.