Opportunities for China – focus on Yangtze River Delta region

By Jack Jin*

Jack JinYangtze River Delta Economic Circle, including Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province, covers an area of 210,700 square kilometers. The Chinese Packaging Industry has grown from scratch and developed gradually for more than 30 years, which has resulted in China been the second biggest packaging nation in the world with the annually industrial output has been more than 1200 Billion Yuan (around US$ 192.61 billion).

Shanghai is speeding up to be one of the centers of International Economic, Finance and Trade, and forming the Shanghai-centered Yangtze River Delta region with rapid economic development . Packaging industry of Zhejiang Province has developed  into an integrated packaging industrial system consisting of packaging equipment, packaging materials (plastic, paper, etc), printing and other packaging categories. In Wenzhou city there has been several great packaging industrial blocks with obvious advantages .

 The Chinese packaging industry has developed quickly, but there are still  gaps between China and developed countries in a variety of ways, quality, capacity of research and development. . At present, the local  packaging industry is   mainly  small-scale enterprises, low-level  development, low industrial concentration, lack of packaging products, low quality and technology, low key l product structure, import-dependent on the  high-quality packaging equipment and raw materials.

 Funding for  packaging technology and R&D is very low , and this includes  innovation and rate of packaging waste recycling as well. There are many  private packaging companies which are small-scale and scattered all over China. This results in a weakened packaging industry in the rural areas. ”.

Thus, the next step in  the development  of  the whole industry and developing   packaging professionals. . We need to walk the path of conformity development so as to solve the problem of the lack of professionals and scattered nature of the rural packaging companies. Green packaging will be the goal for the packaging industry in the  21th century. The development of e-commercial of packaging is overwhelming and companies are exploring  suitable e-commerce  models.

As the peoples’ living standards are increasing, consumers require more products in the packaging. ; they ask for more elegant packaging which provides safety. . According to packaging professionals’ analysis , the packaging market will subject to increased competition in the future.

But packaging is a sunrise industry, so its rapid increase in output offers  great prospects for the future. . In the future, the demand for packaging will  continually increase and will be in line with the strong  economic growth of the country.

*Jack Jin is Director of World Packaging Center (APC/WPC), a member of WPO.