Entries for Liderpack Award, in Spain, are open

Asociación Graphispack, a member of WPO, and Hispack Exhibition have just launched their new Liderpack Awards to find the most innovative Spanish packaging, packing and advertising elements of sale during 2012. With a new image, which contributes to internationalize the quality of packaging and point of purchase (POP) made ​​in Spain, the improvements introduced by Liderpack in the registration process facilitate the participation of a greater number of projects.

Packaging and packing manufacturers, label printers and coding elements manufacturers, POP companies, designers, advertising agencies and branding, as well as brands that have implemented improvements in packaging and in the POP of their products, participate in this competition. Students and schools compete in the category “Young Design”, and all projects must have been manufactured in 2012 and first quarter of 2013.

The jury is composed by professionals and experts in different areas of the packaging industry, design, logistic, marketing and advertising; judgment procedure will take place in April. The winners will represent Spain in WorldStar, organized by WPO and the winners of “Young Design” will be able to participate in the WorldStars Student.  For more information visit www.graphispack.org.


2012 results of packaging industry in Brazil

According to the recent study accomplished by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) to ABRE, the production value of the Brazilian packaging industry in 2012 achieved almost US$ 25 billion. However, the physical production decreased 1.19% in spite of the expansion of 1.6% in the second semester in relation to equal period of 2011. The results of the sector reflect the widespread fall in the five packaging sectors analyzed. Wood packaging sector registered loss of -10.20%, followed by glass with -5.69%. Metal and paper, paperboard and cardboard registered smaller losses of, respectively, 1.13% and 0.97%. The plastic packaging sector ended 2012 with an increase of 0.44% recovering the negative performance of the previous year.

In terms of production value, plastics also continue to have the largest participation (37.08%), followed by cellulosic sector with 34.47% added the sectors corrugated paperboard with 18.75%, cardboard and paperboard with 9.50% and paper with 6.22%. Metal sector ended 2012 with 16.79% and glass with 4.65%.

The number of jobs practically tied in the comparative 2011 and 2012, closing the year with 224,811 jobs. The trade balance of the sector keeps with deficit: US$ 498 million exported against US$ 853 million imported.

The main customer of the industry, the food sector, registered a fall of 2.09%. Among the other sectors, soaps, detergents and house cleaning products registered the best performance: +3.32%. Beverage and pharmaceuticals were also positive with, respectively, +1.32% and +0.52%.

Salomão Quadros, coordinator of the study from FGV, suggests an “optimism with caution and a moderate expansion in the next 3 to 6 months”. He foresees a growth of 2% for the sector in 2013 in case the uncertainty of the directions of local police for economy is reduced. “But if the inflation does not reduce, we can close with an increase of 1.5%.”


IoPP licenses online course in Kenya

bandeira_keniaThe Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP), a member of WPO in USA, has signed an agreement with the Institute of Packaging Professionals-Kenya, another WPO member, to license its new Fundamentals of Packaging Technology online course and make the comprehensive packaging training program available to IoPP members in Kenya, and other countries in the region.

Program funding will begin immediately and will be provided by corporate sponsors to offset costs for participating Kenyan students. Among the first sponsors to contribute will be IPACK-IMA Spa. This funding will cover the program costs for the first 10 student enrollments.

IoPP-Kenya will offer online packaging education to its local members using IoPP’s existing e-learning platform. The online course, available at www.iopp.org/elearning, consists of 41 downloadable, prerecorded modules and 27 hours of learning on all the major areas of packaging. The online course can lead to the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation through the Institute.

Additional program support is also coming from the Staples Foundation. Companies interested in supporting the sponsorship program should inquire at info@iopp.org.

The Netherlands discusses packaging paradox

On March 5th, the world’s leading scientists and business leaders joined to discuss the packaging paradox during the 2nd World Seminar on Accessible and Inclusive Design in Packaging. By paradox it means that packaging must protect and secure the product during its travel towards the end user (consumer), but should also allow the safe and easy use of the product at the point of use (consumption).

There were speakers from Japan, Korea, USA, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, France and Sweden that covered accessible and inclusive design for packaged products like soft drinks, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and dairy products and consumer electronics. The aim of this unique seminar was to create new pathways for more inclusive and accessible products by innovative thinking, to the benefit of mankind.

The seminar was hosted by Netherlands Packaging Centre (NVC), a WPO member. For more information visit www.nvc.nl.


Packaging award in Argentina

The Argentine Packaging Institute (IAE), a member of WPO, acknowledged the best designs in the Argentine packaging industry through the Estrella del Sur Awards, which were given away during its annual dinner. Olibó olive oil received the Golden Estrella del Sur Award in the Food category as well as the people´s choice award, determined by vote during the latest Envase/Alimentek show.

There were 69 packaging items submitted by 17 participating companies. Candidates were sorted into eight categories: food, beverages, personal care, medicines, cleaning and household items, promotional packaging, secondary packaging and bulk packaging. The prizes totaled 17 awards and 20 special mentions. All winners are enabled to represent Argentina at the WorldStar Awards, organized by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

The Packaging sector in Argentina grew by 6% in 2012 due to a global sustained consumption, since the packaging industry tends to grow on a par with consumption. This sector joins around 3,500 companies, 80% of which are SMEs and currently uses 80% of its capacity. Turnover in 2011 was estimated in about US$ 6 billion (roughly 1.5% of GNP).

To view all the winners please visit  www.packaging.com.ar/estrelladelsur2012.


AmeriStar winners at EastPack

The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP), WPO member from USA, announced that the winners of the AmeriStar Package Awards Competition will be honored during a ceremony at the June 18-20 EastPack conference and exposition in Philadelphia. Since 1945, this annual competition has recognized the most innovative packaging in frozen, refrigerated, and shelf stable foods; alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages; drug & pharmaceutical; cosmetics; electronics; health & beauty aids; household products; industrial/commercial products; medical devices; promotional/display; private label; and other categories.

Launched in 1985 and now produced by UBM Canon, EastPack is the most comprehensive packaging trade show on the East Coast, and a core component of a comprehensive integrated manufacturing event that includes Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East, Automation Technology Expo (ATX) East, Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, PLASTEC East,Pharmapack North America, and Sustainability in Manufacturing.

AmeriStar winners are able to participate in WorldStar Award, the major global packaging competition, organized by WPO. For information on the IoPP compatition visit www.iopp.org.

Croatia focus packaging on marketing mix

bandeira_croaciaInstitute of Packaging and Graphic Arts Tectus, WPO member in Croatia, organized the one day conference  “Packaging as the 5th Element in Marketing Mix”, last December in Zagreb. The event demonstrated that the 4P marketing model (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) has become a 5P model, with packaging officially becoming an inevitable link in achieving market success.

The goal was to show packaging as an efficient marketing tool from all the aspects through important topics, which included lectures by numerous specialists. They presented important factors for creating successful packaging – reason versus emotion while deciding on buying a product, packaging design as an emotional trigger while choosing a certain product, how packaging determines price of a product and how to use this fact to increase your profit, digital printing contribution to marketing of leading world brands. More information on www.ambalaza.com.

Packaging dresses exhibitions

Tectus, from Croatia, also accomplished the educational project “Packaging-Product-Consumer-Environment” through an exhibition of dresses made from packaging materials named “Buttoned-up by Scotch Tape”. It took place in June 2012 at the most visited Croatian shopping center in Zagreb. There were featured 13 dresses, made from different packaging materials; all produced by well-known Croatian fashion designers.

The same project was presented during January and February at the atrium of a shopping center in Belgrade, Serbia. This occasion, dresses were made from packaging materials of Serbian packaging and were designed by famous Serbian fashion designers. Each dress was accompanied by a text about the product and its packaging material, packaging labels, environmental protection, designer. The purpose of the text was to educate and inform consumers about the packaging material which the dress is made of, as well as promote the brand. It also emphasized the importance of packaging as an inseparable part of a product. More information on www.ambalaza.com.