Environment and Sustainability Committee

Environment and Sustainability CommitteeThe sustainability of production processes and at the end of the product lifecycle becomes key to a product’s success. This resulted in a strong recycling industry in Brazil. This industry stands out for the continuous development of new technologies, such as the PET bottle to bottle recycling process. But, Brazil also stands out for the sustainable development of packaging materials and today it is the world leader in the production of ‘green plastic’ from sugarcane.

The Sustainable Development theme for packaging has been amply worked on by ABRE and by its member companies. Reference documents for the market are published through the Environment and Sustainability Committee.

At the same time, ABRE represents the sector before the government, constructing public agendas.

ABRE recently signed a Sector Pact with the Ministry of the Environment to promote the harmonization of technical symbology for instructing the consumer in relation to the selective disposal of packaging: the symbology for Selective Disposal.

In face of this voluntary pact, companies from around the country have begun to use the symbology on their packaging, making these a tool for environmental education and contributing towards the consolidation of the selective collection process in the country.