Useful Links

Innovation and DesignADG – Association of Graphic Designers
Association that aims to promote Brazilian graphic design. On this page, you will find sector news, studies, publications, etc.

ADP – Association of Product Designers
Civil society that aims to represent the product designer in society and institutions for promoting Brazilian design. Here you will find information about the segment, events, work commissions, professional ethics among other information.

ABEDESIGN – Brazilian Association of Design Companies
ABEDESIGN – Brazilian Association of Design Companies aims at promoting, disseminating, disclosing and contributing towards continuous improvement, market growth and exchange of economic and professional activities of Design companies at the national and international levels. It also has a constant political action in the sense of establishing a channel for discussions for improving and / or establishing legislation that meets the interests of its members.

APDesign – Association of Design Professionals in Rio Grande do Sul (Associação dos Profissionais em Design no Rio Grande do Sul)
Representative entity that gathers design professionals in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with the objective of representing them as a class. You will find design nuclei, training courses and sector novelties on this site.

Up-to-Date Design
Informative site about design where information can be found on events and courses, sector novelties and interesting cases about companies.

Portal DesignBrasil
Initiative by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, through the Brazilian Design Program, together with Senai and Sebrae. The portal brings information about design programs, events and activities spread about Brazil.

Brazilian Micro and Small Enterprises Bureau works for the sustainable development of small enterprises. This site provides information about programs and projects, success stories, courses and events, publications, incentive actions for small and medium companies and more.

SPD – São Paulo Design Center
Institution that aims to consolidate the design as a fundamental tool for the continuous improvement of production processes and products.