Word From The President

Gisela SchulzingerAs Charles Darwin used to say, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the most intelligent. It is the one that best adapts to changes.”

That is an old reflection that becomes absolutely contemporary and one, which I believe, is today’s greatest challenge.

New demands emerged, and as a result, in my opinion, the role of the Association has also changed.

In this sense, ABRE integrates, represents and provides support to the sector. However, it also strengthens it and further valorizes it, stimulating companies to seek new approaches and new solutions. It will even encourage a certain daring.

I believe we have two core themes to deal with, besides all the others we already handle:

  • the increase in competitiveness of the packaging industry
  • promotion of innovation, stimulating and encouraging efforts and investments in this area

Innovation, more than a department in companies, should be a part of the culture today. Everyone should be encouraged to think in an innovative manner, thus promoting everything from small changes to major transformations.

This requires a new attitude that presupposes the acceptance of interdependence; the acceptance that everything and everyone is connected and that everything relates in a systemic manner, that is, one interfering with the other. The concept of shared value is imperative.

Therefore, in order for the packaging industry to play a leading role in this future and to remain relevant, it must review its role, redefine its paths and leave its comfort zone. For such, ABRE will always be available to encourage and to support all these movements.

Gisela Schulzinger