Gisela Schulzinger – President

Pande Design

Gisela SchulzingerWith an undergraduate degree from ESPM and a graduate degree in Applied Consumption Sciences also from ESPM, Gisela has been working with design for over 25 years. She worked for several design offices, including nine years in Seragini Design. She founded her own company, Haus Design, in 1998 and today is a partner of Pande Design, a design office specialized in the development of projects of Branding, and Strategic Design and Innovation. She was part of ABRE’s Board. She acted as a Director at ABEDESIGN and was a Delegate at the Brazilian Design Committee in the Cannes Festival

In addition to many business activities she also collaborates with the academic community by teaching in the Design Undergraduate Program at ESPM and the Marketing MBA at HSM Educação.

Gisela gives lectures nationally and internationally, composes the jury in awards and competitions and regularly contributes witch articles and interviews for blogs, newspapers and magazines.