Publications donated

ABREABRE – Associação Brasileira de Embalagem

  • Book: The History of Packaging in Brazil: GRIFO / ABRE
  • ABRE Packaging Yearbook 2011
  • Primer: Sustainability Guidelines for the Packaging and Consumer Goods Production Chain
  • Primer: Guidelines for the Environmental Labeling of Packaging
  • Primer: Packaging Building Sustainability
  • Folder: Winners of the ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award 2011
  • Primer: Strategic Guidelines for the Packaging Industry
  • ABRENEWS: Numbers 91, 92, 93, 94


Packaging Institute

  • Book – Packaging: Design, Materials, Processes and Machines
  • Book: Flexible Packaging
  • Book: Cardboard, Paper and Micro-Undulated Packaging
  • Set of the Packaging Institute’s Environmental Education
  • Packaging Book: Guide to Packaging for Organic Products
  • Packaging Kit
  • Reference Guide: Packaging from conception to responsible disposal
  • Glossary and References