Mozambique Project – Brazil

IPEX – Instituto para a Promoção de Exportações

ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association assumed the commitment with IPEX – Institute of Export Promotion of Mozambique to contribute towards the formation of an Information Center about packaging in the Portuguese language aimed at promoting the development of the packaging industry and to better meet the needs of domestic agribusiness and consumer goods industries focusing on the country’s economic and social development.

This Information Center will provide information about market demands for exports, packaging and wrapping, commercialization and labeling, transportation and distribution, with the objective of adding efficiency and greater market competitiveness.

We are thus getting in touch with market Institutes and Associations, requesting a donation of a sample of each of their packaging-related publications that will be sent to Maputo by ABRE.

In recognition of this donation, ABRE will list the books donated. Click below and see the publications donated.

Publications donated

For more information, contact Luciana Pellegrino at 11 3082-9722 (extension 214) or at the email address: