ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association is a privet not for profit entity that was founded in 1967 with the objective of promoting the development of the packaging industry and enhancing the quality of packages produced in Brazil.

ABRE´s work is market oriented, focusing on promoting better competitiveness for the Brazilian packaging industry and on representing the segment before the government and before the society for institutional affairs.

It´s range of activities includes the support for the development of laws and technical regulations, the discussion of packaging functionality before the society, the gathering of companies to discuss and elaborate common understanding over strategic themes for the packaging industry over key topics such as sustainability, food safety, design, accessibility, among other, and the promotion of continuous update of packaging professional over new trends and technologies around the world.

ABRE gathers as members companies from the packaging production chain, brand owners, retails, design offices, machinery and packaging raw material producers, education entities, and institutional bodies for packaging.

Internationally, ABRE represents the Brazilian packaging industry, and is an active member of the World Packaging Organisation – WPO, and the Latin American Packaging Organisation – ULADE.