President’s Word

A lot being done and much more to come…

Pierre Pienaar*

I have found this WPO role of mine fulfilling, rewarding and stimulating. The enthusiasm from all those that I have come into contact, so encouraging. Over the past 16 months in office, I have had the privilege of crisscrossing the globe, meeting many people who share many similar ideas and ideals. I have so enjoyed it all and look forward to the next year with eagerness, keenness and passion.

I remind readers that in Rio de Janeiro where I took office in November 2017, I set certain objectives as the incoming President, may I remind you thereof:

Reduction of food waste through the better use of packaging and awareness thereof. Included in this is education, which is happening as we continue to build on activities that are already taking place within World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

Over the past four years, the WPO has brought packaging technology education to more than 1,700 people involving 37 countries through 44 training programmes around the world. During the coming months, more countries will join the training list, including Palestine, Morocco and Egypt.

WPO also promotes and organises industry and student packaging competitions on a global basis, as epitomised by the WorldStar Awards and Student WorldStar. These global awards programmes recognise the expertise and genius of packaging companies and students. It is amazing to see how packaging projects can help avoid food waste and guarantee better quality food for more people.

Reduction in poverty by the use of better and more effective packaging but focussing on correct use of packaging. Before we consider concepts such as packaging design and materials, innovation, technological advancements, environmental responsibility and sustainability, we must appreciate where the packaging industry fits into the chain that could deliver food to people who need it most.  The WPO will also continue supporting the Save Food project, an initiative of Messe Düsseldorf (interpack organiser) and the UN's Food & Agriculture Organisation. Again, we are talking about packaging education. Through WPO members, we aim to educate packaging professionals and society about the invaluable aspects of packaging: the fact that good and cost-effective packaging contributes to creating a more sustainable society.

This is very exciting, which means that with UNIDO's support, will develop and implement specialised training and capacity-building programmes, and help to establish national packaging centres in developing countries to provide services such as packaging design and training courses.

Enhance WPO global image by spreading the need for such an organisation in countries that currently are not involved. I have already put measures in place to achieve this and we are already seeing value from the efforts over these past 4 months.

The extensive travels around the world since being involved in the WPO is what drives me and certainly has taught me so much about packaging ideas, innovation, what packaging can do to help save food and in so doing reduce poverty. I have seen such interesting ideas from islands in the Pacific Ocean, across the globe to new ideas that makes life easier in Nairobi, Kenya.

We cannot ignore the fact that some countries face extreme inequalities of income between professionals and the masses, resulting in low GDPs. With this in mind, we need to contemplate how to reduce food wastage through better packaging.

During my global travels, the areas that I continue to focus on and ensure that I am interfacing and liaising with are:

  • Academia / universities to evaluate the academic level of the WPO courses against world standards and at the same time encourage academia to promote reducing food wastage through improved packaging thus assisting in reducing poverty
  • Research Institutes to evaluate and asses where these institutions can help in packaging evaluation to also promote reducing food wastage through improved packaging thus assisting in reducing poverty
  • Packaging exhibition and conference organisers in South America to encourage them to promote the idea of Save Food at all their conferences and packaging exhibitions across South America
  • Media hold press interviews pushing my presidential objectives

In November 2018, I was at the BrauBeviale exhibition in Nuremburg, Germany to attend this important beverage and beer exhibition to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of issues in this sector in Europe.

In January 2019, I was in South Africa to gain first-hand knowledge and understanding of packaging issues then met with various businesses in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg to see how best we together can achieve these objectives.

In February attended BevialeMoscow exhibition in Russia, to see and gain firsthand knowledge of this industry in this Baltic region. It is most important that the WPO is in attendance at such events to ensure the interest is shown and where the WPO can bring the international element to them. From Russia I flew to India to attend the important BioAsia India 2019 in Hyderabad. I was involved in various panel discussions and found this conference very meaningful in relation to how and where packaging can play a future role in meting the requirements of this huge industry.

In March, I met with academia in Chicago, USA and held discussions with then before holding discussions with academia at the University of Wisconsin.

In April, I decided to embark on a fact finding trip to Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany to experience firsthand the packaging developments in the wine, beverage and food industry. At the same time establish what greater role the WPO can play in ensuring the packaging waste is seen as part of the solution to the global waste issue but rather than part of the problem.

I will continue to use all opportunities in spreading the WPO objectives and together find possible ways in reducing food waste, improving packaging, saving food and reducing poverty.

*Pierre Pienaar is President of WPO
+61 421 606 028
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Get ready for more WPO packaging education programs in 2019

WPO has approved the following packaging education programs for 2019:

  • Packaging Technology Training - Kenya - August 2019
  • Packaging Design and Technology Training - Iran - August 2019
  • Packaging Technology Training - Indonesia - 30 Oct – 2 Nov 2019
  • Packaging Technology Training – Lebanon – date to be announced
  • Packaging Technology & 6 Sigma Training - Cuba / Brazil - date to be announced

Some new education initiatives are also being discussed and planned in Asia, North & Sub-Saharan Africa, Central & South Americas and Eastern Europe. For more information contact Aslihan Arikan, Vice President Education

Lifecycle Assessment in Australia

WPO member, AIP (Australian Institute of Packaging – will held a new training course on ‘The use of Lifecycle Assessment Tools for Sustainable Packaging Design’ on June 5, in Melbourne. This course is supported by APCO and RMIT. The Use of Lifecycle Assessment Tools for Sustainable Packaging Design half-day training course is aimed at providing an introduction and learning framework for packaging industry professionals to apply lifecycle thinking to their working contexts. This includes an understanding of the reasons why lifecycle thinking is critical, as well as how the method may be used for packaging design projects they manage.

Course Lecturer will be Simon Lockrey, Coordinator - Design Action Program + ID Engineering Courses, Senior Lecturer/ Research Fellow - School of Design, College of Design and Social Context, RMIT University, Australia. For more information visit

PackagingTechAsia zone at ProPak Asia 2019

From June 12 to 15, ProPak Asia 2019 will join over 560 exhibitors and 1600 pieces of innovative solutions, specifically focused on packaging, in the PackagingTechAsia zone. Sponsored by Better Pack and Clearpack, the area is being designed to offer visitors a wide range of packaging solutions that feature not only key international suppliers from across the globe but also leading companies from the Asean Region. The zone will offer everything from filling machines to case packers, vertical form fill and seal equipment to leak testers, tube filling machines to carton erectors, stainless steel conveyor systems to bagging machines, food packaging and filling equipment to stretch blow moulders.  

Known as Asia’s number one packaging and processing exhibition, ProPak Asia 2019 will showcase over 20,000 products and solutions across 1900 exhibitors from 50 countries within 9 zones over 4 days. There will be 18 pavilions from 13 countries including Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UK, and USA. For further information on ProPak Asia send an e-mail to

Around the World

Strategic partnership in USA

WPO member in USA, IoPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals –, announced a new strategic partnership with WPO partner, PMMI (The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies – This alliance will allow IoPP to provide additional value to its members and expand its reach by engaging new members. Under the terms of the agreement, PMMI will manage, with the guidance of IoPP's Board of Directors, IoPP's marketing and communications, and provide other support such as financial services and meeting planning. The alliance will benefit both organizations, giving IoPP access to PMMI's platforms and services, and providing PMMI with insight into its members' customers. The agreement takes effect May 1st.

Jane Chase, Executive Director of IoPP said, "IoPP and PMMI have a history of successfully working together on projects. We look forward to continuing that journey, taking our strong relationship to the next level for the betterment of both organizations, and allowing IoPP to better serve the packaging community moving forward."

Plastic packaging recycling in Greece

During the 3rd Expo for the Environment, Verde Tec 2019, the chairman of the AGMPM (, Dimitris Mantis, presented in the Workshop 'Business in the Green Age' the new tools for recycling plastic packaging. AGMPM is WPO local member.

Mantis presentation included the latest studies of OECD and McKinsey as well as a review of the European legislation (2018/852, Single use plastics directive) and the restrictions of exporting plastic waste to China, Malaysia, India, Poland etc. It also included innovative projects and pilot processes developed in Europe for the recycling of plastic waste.

He also presented the new techniques developed for the mechanical recycling of plastic packaging (twin screw extrusion, degassiong, purification purges) and then mentioned a few indicative success stories of redesigning plastic packaging structures. A very important point mentioned was the international collaboration among retailers, brands, packaging suppliers, recyclers and start-ups. Typical examples given on the following products: silicon release liners, PET bottles, PP bottles, HPDE bottle, aseptic PolyAl structures, PET trays, PS trays, laminated pouches and SUP.

Packaging award in Brazil

ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association, a WPO member, has opened the registration to the 19th edition of the ABRE Award of the Brazilian Packaging (, one of the most prestigious in the country. Deadline for entries is June 18. The main objective is to recognize packages that are na example of quality, technology, design, functionality, sustainability in the life cycle of the product and innovation.

ABRE´s Award is divided in 07 modules that joins different categories, with focus on packaging markets and strategic features. In all categories, the main topics are innovation, functionality, quality, sales approach, attractiviness, sustainability and competitiviness.

Presence at Auspack 2019

WPO member in Australia, AIP (, exhibited in Auspack 2019 (March 26-29). On its booth, the Institute presented the extensive schedule of events coming in the next few months, like the biennial National Technical Forum, our half-day training courses, site visits, technical dinners and more. As an active participant in Fighting Food Waste initiatives, AIP is also inviting companies who would like to be involved in its Save Food Packaging project within the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre and also in its long-standing Foodbank programs. For more information on AIP programs for 2019 contact

Román López Meneses, President of Anidigraf and Oswaldo Piña, President of AMEE.

Strategic alliance in Mexico

AMEE (Mexican Packaging Association –, a WPO member, announced an strategic alliance with Anidigraf (National Association of Printing Industry) that aims to increase the development of the packaging industry in the region. One of the first activities was the creation of a packaging pavillion at Expografica 2019 (March 05-08).

Foodbank project in Australia

As a part of the AIP´s (Australian Institute of Packaging – commitment to helping Fight Food Waste some of the Members in Victoria kindly volunteered at Foodbank Yarraville. Their hard work supported at least 18 charities across the state by packing their food orders. Together the AIP Members packed 10,139 kgs of food orders, equivalent to approximately 18,268 meals for our community. 18,268 meals is the equivalent of feeding a household of 4,3 meals a day for 1,522 days or 4.17 years.

Finalists of PIDA competition are announced

AIP (Australian Packaging Institute – just announced the finalists for the 2019 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA) which has been designed to recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field across Australia and New Zealand. The PIDA Awards is also coordinated by Packaging New Zealand and is the exclusive feeder program for the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards, from WPO.

Smart factory conference in Greece

With the presence of more than 230 leading executives of the manufacturing sector and solution providers, Smart Factory Conference 2019 was held on February at Art Factory Technostasio in Athens, Greece, under the auspices of SEV.The conference also counted with the honorary support of local WPO member, AGMPM (

According to participants, the event stood out for the high level of speakers and its rich content, demonstrating the value, opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 in the industrial value chain. Early adopters from international and local manufacturing companies, experts and practitioners showcased their steps towards digital transformation, citing benefits such as improvements in agility, time, quality and production costs. Among the main conclusions: although machines and technologies can bring significant improvements, the most central role and catalyst of substantial change is always the human factor. Finally, as pointed out by the keynote speaker Henrik von Scheel, originator of the Industry 4.0, ''industrial sector remains the backbone of every prosperous economy''. In this direction, Art Factory's packed hall gave the promising message that Greek industry is tuned to the pace of developments that will lead it to the next day.

A new packaging competition to the Arab region

Building on the successful implementation of Arab Student StarPack, UNIDO and LibanPack (, WPO member in Lebanon, are expanding StarPack by introducing a new industrial competition, Arab StarPack Professional, which will be an industry-level packaging competition for companies and industries in the Arab region.

The objective of Arab StarPack Professional ( is to increase awareness on current packaging trends from the aspects of marketing and functionality, to enable Arab SMEs to ensure compliance with international standards in packaging and labeling, and hence, improve the competitiveness of the Arab agro-food and other industrial sectors.

Arab StarPack Pro will recognize the best Packaging Design in consumer and industrial packaging design on the Arab level bringing awareness of the important value that lies in a well-designed brand packaging. Arab StarPack Pro will enable the winners from the Arab World to participate in the WorldStar Packaging Awards, organized by WPO.

From the board

WPO is now open to Corporate Partners

For the first time in its history, WPO is opening its structure to accept Corporate Partners. “This is an invitation to companies that want to be part of this international network and, through WPO support, want to build a common language on packaging innovation, sustainability and technology”, states WPO President, Pierre Pienaar.

As a WPO Corporate Partner, companies will benefit from:

  • the strong and wide global networking;
  • attending WPO Working Groups Day in Education, Sustainability and Marketing twice a year;
  • using WPO Corporate Partners logo on all companies´ communication tools;
  • submitting news to the four editions of WPO News, WPO official eletronic newsletter;
  • enjoying a special discount to run for the WorldStar Packaging Awards;
  • be listed at WPO website as a Corporate Partner.

“The application procedure is quite simple; companies just need to complete the application form, avaiable in the webpage (, and submitt for the approval of WPO Secretariat”, explains WPO Global Ambassador, Chakravarthi AVPS. According to him, companies eligible to become a WPO Corporate Partner are:

  • manufacturers of machinery and packaging raw material, inks, adhesives, closures, labels;
  • all packaging manufacturers;
  • solution providers (logistics, testing, amongst others);
  • users of packaging (brand owners from various sectors).

WPO launches the contest: ‘Redesign the WorldStar Packaging Award trophy’

WPO launched an unique opportunity to students around the world: to participate in a competition to redesign the trophy of the most prestigious global packaging award, the WorldStar. According to WorldStar coordinator, Rachel Bayswater, “The expectation is that students will really challenge conventional thinking and break the rules with off-the-wall creativity. And this will be the key criteria for judging success.”

The competition is open to students enrolled in college or university courses, undergraduate or graduate, anywhere in the world. Typical courses would be linked to graphic/product/structural design as well as those from material/technology and engineering. Only individual entries are accepted and the points to consider are:

• maintaining the importance and prestige of this world class award;

• commercial awareness – does it make sense from a financial point of view? Maximum cost to the awards organiser -  €35 per award;

• transportable protective box for each trophy;

• the prototype can be made of any material designs which demonstrate awareness of environmental issues through economic use of the material.

Winners will receive €500 from WPO and the criterias for success are:

  1. Originality and aesthetic qualities of the design
  2. Commercial viability
  3. The WPO / WorldStar branding recognition
  4. The quality of portfolio, which must include evidence of research and the development of the design
  5. Inclusion of a protype - a good quality mock up to withstand transport and handling  (applicable to     round 2 judging)
  6. A written summary explaining why the design is the best, how it meets the criteria and the material/s to be used for the final award
  7. Lightweight trophy not exceeding 0.0700kg
  8. A design that can be easily manufactured in quantities

Closing data for entries is 27 September 2019; results will be announced on 01 December. Judging process will be carried out in two rounds. The first one, on line, will envolve professionals from IOM3, WPO member in UK and responsible for running the WorldStar program. The second round will be judged by WPO Marketing Group during the 2nd WPO Board Meeting of 2019, in November, in Indonesia. Entries are online at For more information send an e-mail do

Be ready for WPO meeting in Prague

WPO will be holding their 1st Board Meeting of 2019 on May 15, as part of WPO week in Prague, Czech Republic. The program is being organized by WPO local member, OBALOVÝ INSTITUT SYBA s.r.o. ( As part of the program, WPO members will also have the chance of visiting the facilities of Thimm Vsetaty, part of Thimm The Highpack Group, one of the leading solutions provider for the packaging and distribution of goods. A local brewery, Pilsner Urquell, will also be visited by WPO members.

On the night of May 15, the 190 winners of WorldStar Packaging Award, the most important global packaging recognition, will be announced in a gala ceremony. There were 319 packaging projects judged from 35 countries. For more information about WPO week in Prague visit

WPO at the launch of Arab Packaging Competition for Professionals

Arab StarPack Pro was launched early this year by the Arab Federation for Paper, Printing and Packaging Industries in cooperation with the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organisation, the Arab Federation for Food Industries and the Union of Arab Chambers. The competition will be organization by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and by WPO member, LibanPack (Lebanese Packaging Center – with the support of WPO and the Lebanese Ministry of Industry.

During the launch ceremony WPO was represented by Soha Atallah, Director of LibanPack and WPO Vice President Conferences, Exhibitions and Awards and Johannes Bergmair, WPO General Secretary. According to Johannes statement: “WPO has been following the activities of LibanPack and appreciates it professionalism, knowledge and expertise in the area of packaging.”. He confirmed WPO’s willingness to support and cooperate with LibanPack on the regional and international level, specifically in launching the Arab packaging competition for professionals which will allow winners to participate in WorldStar, the global packaging competition organized by WPO.

WPO was at Beviale Moscow in February

WPO had a successfull participation in the Packaging Innovation Zone at Beviale Moscow 2019 (February 19-21), in Russia. The idea, as explains WPO President Pierre Pienaar, “was to introduce the winners of the WorldStar Packaging Awards, the most important packaging competition in the globe, as well as appearing in the conference programme”. Pierre also made a presentation at the show about ‘The future of sustainable packaging is about being smarter and more adaptive’. WPO Vice President Conferences, Exhibitions and Awards, Soha Attalah, was also at the show.

The Packaging Innovation Zone, where WPO presented WorldStar winners, highlighted solutions for all aspects of beverage packaging. “PET has become an essential part of the Russian beverage industry, but still generates lively discussion,” commented the show organizer. “Even so, other forms of beverage packaging are playing a greater and greater role. We are working with a skilled partner in the form of PETnology, which is very open to the changes in the market. We are deliberately opening up this topic this year, and other packaging solutions will also have a place in the Packaging Innovation Zone.”


WPO packaging training program in Jordan

The first packaging training program of WPO in 2019 was organized in Amman, Jordan (March 03-07), with total support of local member, JoPack (Jordan National Packaging Center –, represented by its Executive Director, Sujud Al-Balawneh, and UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization).

The 5 days regional packaging technology training in Amman joined 23 delegates across Jordan, Palestine, Oman, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon. The trainer, WPO Ambassador Kishan Singh, from South Africa, covered the entire spectrum of packaging technology.

WPO training in Jordan was part of a number of interventions UNIDO is implementing under its “Enhancement of regional trade capacities in food through harmonized regional conformity assessment and food safety systems”. It is called SAFE, a Sida funded project implememented by UNIDO. Those interventions are build on UNIDO’s successful track record in packaging and are implemented in close partnership with WPO.

For more information about WPO Education programs, contact Aslihan Arikan, Vice President Education

Scholarship winner and CPP certified in Australia

A lot of activities in packaging education at WPO member in Australia, AIP (Australian Institute of Packaging – The Institute announced the winner of the 10th annual APPMA Scholarship program that entitles Janell Siek to receive entry into a Diploma in Packaging Technology valued at $9,000. The Diploma is an internationally recognised Level 5 qualification that is designed for those wishing to pursue a career in the packaging industry, or for those who are already in the industry and wish to extend their packaging knowledge and expertise. The Diploma is offered exclusively through the Australian Institute of Packaging who are the peak professional body for packaging education and training in Australasia.

AIP also announced that Ankur Saxena got his Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation. Offered exclusively through the Australian Institute of Packaging in Australasia, CPP designation is the leading mark of excellence internationally and a must-have recognition of industry proficiency and achievement for packaging professionals.

A successful Packaging Training in Iran


December 2018, Qazvin,Iran

WPO member in Iran, IRIP (Iranian Institute of Packaging -, organized the 4th Education Program in cooperation and support of WPO Education Committee. The program was held in the cites of Qazvin and Yazd and the purpose was to increase the awareness of the importance of packaging in order to conduct and implement the project "Packaging, Designing for Common Brand Building of Iran’s Competitive Products". Another objective was to increase packaging knowledge for industry sector. WPO Ambassador, Kishan Singh, was the trainer and focused on the critical role of packaging for products´ branding and marketing.

The first program was held in cooperation with Qazvin Chamber of Commerce Industries, Mines & Agriculture. At end of the workshop a lot of questions and discussions regarding to packaging design and how minimize the packaging materials. The second one was carried out in Yazd in assist with Industrial Estate Company. Part of the program was dedicated to visit packaging and food companies and consultancy.


Governor-generalship of Qazvin


Sharif University of Technology


Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare


Qazvin Industrial Estate Company


Maku Free Zone Office


Department of Environment

In order to optimize the Educational Program in Iran, IRIP conducted several Governmental Meetings, in Ministries and Universities, giving a special attention to packaging as tool for branding and marketing and how WPO and members could be useful for development of Iranian goods' market. Regarding to Iran's agricultural position in the world, the Save Food issue was highlighted and it was discussed the decreasing of food wastage with appropriate packaging.

Packaging Technology Training from ASD in Turkey

The 2018 training program organized by WPO member ASD (Turkish Packaging Manufacturers Association under the ASD Packaging Academy brand was completed with the English training titled "ASD Packaging Technology Training” supported by WPO. The training was given by the WPO Ambassador, Kishan Singh, and was attended by 30 students including packaging manufacturers, food companies and packaging certification companies' directors and technical experts. 

The topics addressed in the four days training were packaging materials, packaging filling systems, graphics & design and printing techniques and packaging supplementary materials, the training also had current content such as packaging and the environment, circular economy, quality control and the future of the packaging industry.  

Aslihan Arikan, General Secretary of ASD and WPO Vice President Education, stated: "Organized by our association and supported by WPO, our training received heavy attention. We know the significance of up-to-date training for the sustainability of our industry and its competition with developed countries in terms of technology, quality and product variety. We are following the developments in the world very closely to increase the competitiveness of Turkish packaging industry in global markets. ASD Packaging Academy gathers sectoral training requirements under a single room. Our association will continue its training sessions in line with the purpose of its foundation".  


WorldStar Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner, 15 May 2019

This year's Worldstar awards will be presented on 15 May 2019  in Prague, Czech Republic, hosted by local WPO member, OBALOVÝ INSTITUT SYBA s.r.o. ( Over 300 people have registered to attend the event and the evening will see 123 WorldStars, 5 Student Awards, 9 Special Awards and 3 Lifetime Achievement Awards being awarded followed by live entertainment. The evening will certainly be a night to remember and the highlight of the year in the world of packaging.

The 2020 WorldStar Awards will be open for entry in June and full details will be available at near the time. Further information contact

‘Lifetime Achievement’ winners are announced

From left to right, the winners are Shahid Sheikh OBE, Gillian Loubser and Keith Chessell.

WPO announced and posted on its webpage the three winners in the ‘Lifetime Achievement” category within the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2019 programme.

The judges, from all over the world, elected Shahid Sheikh OBE,  UK; Gillian Loubser,  South Africa; and Keith Chessell, Australia. Annually, each WPO member (representing a voting member) is able to make up to one nomination through an online registration form. The third group of honourees will be recognised during the WorldStar Award Ceremony & Gala Dinner, in Prague, Czech Republic, on 15 May, 2019.

The full list of WorldStar Award winners can be seen at

Save Food

AIP members pack 2,175 kgs of potatoes and carrots for KiwIHarvest

As a part of the AIP´s (Australian Institute of Packaging – commitment to Fighting Food Waste two teams of members headed to KiwiHarvest in Auckland, NZ, to help pack 2,175 kgs of potatoes and carrots into approx. 145x 15kg bags. The bags KiwiHarvest uses are the malt bags from boutique breweries, which saves them from going to waste as well.  

The recipients who receive the potatoes and carrots are all over Auckland from Orewa in the North to Pukekohe in the South. The completed bags are given to foodbanks to distribute to individual families, used for community meals such as Everybody Eats, charities like Shine Womens Refuge, schools.

KiwiHarvest are New Zealand’s perishable food rescuers; collecting good food before it goes to waste and distributing it to those in need to nourish the wider community. Every month they deliver over 60,000 kgs of food to 220 charities nationally. Their work is already changing the fact that 103,000 tonnes of food is thrown away by New Zealand industry every year. KiwiHarvest is here to create lasting positive change so that good food does not go to waste. Moreover, those that need nourishment will receive it. KiwiHarvest reduces the negative impacts of food waste on our environment by redistributing excess food; helping to create lasting positive social change by nourishing those in need.

Special Article

Russia shows good possibilities to the packaging industry

The Russian market seems to be moving out of the trough at least as regards the packaging sectors and related process industries and the plastics and rubber industry. Impressive proof of this has been provided by the two trade fairs upakovka – Processing and Packaging and interplastica, 22nd International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber, which drew to a successful close after four trade fair days on 1 February 2019. 25,000 visitors came to the AO Expocenter in Krasnaja Presnja, Moscow to seek information on the extensive ranges displayed by 950 exhibitors from 32 countries.

After a period of stagnation in 2016 and a -2.8 % recession in 2015, Russia saw a new growth phase start in  2017 with 1.5 % GNP growth. Four years after the sanctions were imposed and the oil price dropped, the Russian economy has adapted to the new circumstances and managed to grow again.

There is a great deal of renewed interest in modern machinery, production plants and high-tech materials. This also especially applies to demand for packaging technologies and plastic processing equipment. To the delight of the exhibiting companies, activities at upakovka and interplastica were therefore not only confined to an exchange of information. Many trade visitors also came with concrete intentions to buy and made their purchasing decisions right on site. This underpins the substantial investment needs that continue to exist in Russia and its neighbouring states. 

The presence of numerous foreign exhibitors is evidence of the sustained strong interest taken in the Russian market. “Following some difficult years things are picking up again. Those showing stamina will now be rewarded,” reflects Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, CEO and President of Messe Düsseldorf, drawing a positive conclusion. Very satisfied with the results of the two trade fairs, he goes on to say: “The mood in the halls was excellent, exhibitors reported extremely interested business people who were also prepared to place orders. They capitalised on the unique opportunity here to see the latest developments in world markets and negotiate with suppliers on site.”

Russian consumers afford more high quality food

As disposable incomes rise in Russia, the propensity to spend is also going up again and more consumers are investing in higher-quality food. In addition to this, nutrition habits are changing: the younger generation, in particular, is increasingly taking to convenience and fast food. Market researchers expect demand for pre-packed food to rise by 4% in total to 28.4 million tons by 2022. Above-average growth rates are predicted especially for breakfast cereals, savoury snacks, convenience food, high-quality chocolate products as well as for sweet pastries and snack bars.

Besides this, soft drinks are also becoming more and more popular. Especially in the metropolitan areas Russian consumers are more health conscious. They increasingly take to bottled water as well as functional and enriched beverages. New flavours, low-sugar beverages, smoothies and ready-to-drink teas are becoming trends.

To satisfy growing demand and Russian consumers’ rising expectations as to quality, freshness, taste and the shape and look of food and beverages, manufacturing companies have to expand their production capacities further and invest in state-of-the-art processing and packaging technology. And technology made in Germany is rated highly – Germany is Russia’s most important machinery supplier accounting for a quarter of all Russian food machinery and packaging machinery imports. In some industry sectors this figure is markedly higher. Over the first 11 months of 2018 German exports of food/packaging machinery to Russia went up even further reaching a figure of EUR 383 million – an increase of just under 14% over the previous year. German exhibitors at upakovka 2019 expect the high demand for machinery to continue in this current year. Italian companies are also benefiting from the rising demand for packaging technology. The numerous exhibitors from Italy and the Italian Machinery Manufacturers’ Association UCIMA were therefore pleased with their trade fair participation.

Strong interest in special themes

Since upakovka has been held under the umbrella of the interpack alliance the special innovationparc theme adapted from interpack in Düsseldorf has played an important role in Moscow. Due to the avid interest encountered last year, the Forum programme of innovationparc was doubled to comprise two stages with concurrent activities for 2019.

The lectures about trend themes in the industry under such headings as “Packaging – Best Practice for Brands and Retailers”, “Packing 4.0: How to Make Your Customers Happy”, “Will Packaging Save or Ruin the Environment?” or “Packaging Technologies in the Beverage Industry” went down extremely well with visitors. The seating tiers and surrounding standing room were always packed. Partnering with the innovationparc were the National Packaging Confederation (NCPack), the German Engineering Association VDMA, the Global Association for Marketing at Retail (POPAI), the Association of Russian Branding Agencies (ARBA) as well as the Russian trade magazine Tara i Upakovka.

Save Food, the interpack alliance theme organised in cooperation with the World Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), made for an important session within the innovationparc programme. The session, opened by Thomas Stenzel, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf Moscow, and Agashi Harutynyan, Head of the Moscow FAO Office, addressed the question: “What Does it Cost to Save Food?” The first part shed some light on the indirect consequences of food losses and waste and on examples for addressing the problem. Speakers included agents from Russian organisations representing consumer interests, retail and the food industry as well as non-profit organisations such as the Russian Food Bank. The second part of the session dealt with the positive economic, social and ecological effects of reduced food waste and losses. Speakers here included high-calibre personalities from the political sphere, such as diplomats from France and Australia, EU representatives as well as Norwegian and Dutch ministerial staff.

“The fact that the interest taken in innovationparc has grown yet again proves that the trend themes of the interpack alliance are not only of paramount importance at the flagship trade fair in Düsseldorf but also in such growth markets as Russia, thereby offering the suppliers of modern solutions numerous opportunities for tapping into enormous market potential,” says Jablonowski, Global Portfolio Director of Processing & Packaging at Messe Düsseldorf. At the forthcoming upakovka 2020 innovationparc will focus on the Russian trend theme of beverages – specifically soft drinks as well as healthy functional beverages.

It is worth to remember that WPO was an important partner of Messe Düsseldorf and FAO in the Save Food Pavillion at Interpack 2017. A similar partnership is being evaluated for Interpack 2020.


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